How to travel with dog as checked-in baggage (AVIH) on the plane

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How to travel with dog as checked-in baggage (AVIH) on the plane

Hi all my fan page, finally, i can manage to spend some free time writing about the experience taking A'Clair as the checked-in baggage from Bangkok to Chiang Mai trip with us. We used Bangkok Airways this time.
There a few airlines in Thailand that allowed dogs/cats to travel on the plane, actually. There're following:

  • Thai Airways (Suvannabhumi Airport)
  • Bangkok Airways (Suvannabhumi Airport)
  • Nok Air (Don Mung Airport)


    First thing that you have to do, if you booked the ticket through the internet, is callup the call center (call center no. is 1771) and tell them that you need to bring your dog with you in the flight. They only allowed certain amount of pet in one flight maybe 2 or 3 pets only. So, you better be quick and get it done. The call center will ask about the dog's weight and the cage size. You can tell them the estimate weight, don't have to be exact because they will weight your pet again at the check-in counter anyway.

    Bangkok Airways charges 80 Baht/kg for the dog(and cage) as the checked-in baggage ( it's cassify as an exceed bag and not count as the baggage allowance 15 kgs or 20kgs that you have). This is the domestic flight. I'm not sure about the international flight. Please recheck with the airline again. We travel on Aug, 2013. So, this rate might change in the future.

    On the day that you travel:
    You can take the dog into the airport but you have to hold your dog. The rule is that they don't allow dog/cat to walk on the floor. So, if you have a big dog then you have to put him/her in the cage and use the airport trolly.


    Once you get inside the airport, just go to the check-in counter same as usual. The staff will then weight the dog with the cage and printed out the invoice (and your ticket) for you to go and pay at the exceed baggage counter near the check-in counter.


    They will also put the seal strip and the cage to prevent the door open during the trip

    And also the destination tag.

    You just simply turn around the check-in counter and give the invoice to the staff and then once you paid already, you walk up to the extra-large/oversize baggage area.


    They will put your dog in the plane. And that's it...!! enjoy the lounge and travel.

    Once you reach the destination, the staff will contact you at the waiting baggage area but the dog will come seperately in the elevator (not the transmission)



    And on the day back from Chiang Mai to Bangkok.
    You better be at the airport at least 60 mins before the departure time
    Same thing, go to the check-in counter and weight the dog, the only small change is that you pay at the check-in counter, i guess because they're not many passager not like Suvannabhumi airport.


    And once you landed, walking to the baggage claim area and then go and wait at the oversize baggage area. The dog will come with the elevator.


    Small Tips:

    • I put some toys that he likes and chewing treat in his cage as well.
    • I also walk him for 5 mins around the airport area to let him finish his business (pee and poop) before the flight.(I also clean up his poop with the plastic bag)
    • Give him some water before and after the flight to prevent him from dehydated.
    • He's doing fine. no sign of sickness or throw up
    • We didn't give him any sleeping pill at all but we trained him to get used to the cage so that he doesn't feel Claustrophobic in the cage for few hours.

    A'Clair is like our son. So, after 3 days apart from him, we're going crazy.
    Sorry for my grammar, English is not my first language ;)
    Hope this might useful for anyone that want to bring the dog with you on the trip in Thailand.


    Please Note: This article is copyright. I do NOT allow anyone to copy this article including the photos without my permission.

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